Website Sitemap

Website Strategy

Your overall website is your one-stop-shop online home. Your website will house all of your programs, products, and links to all aspects of your business. Every page is designed to guide your visitor to take ACTION and fall in love with you!


The home page is the best sales tool in your online marketing arsenal. Your home page will touch on each aspect of your business with relevant call to actions and testimonials throughout. This page shows snippets of each page on the website and encourages your visitors to click through. Your home page will also feature a newsletter signup and links to your social media accounts.

Meet Erica

This is your about page where your visitors can click to learn more about you as a person. This page will have a call to action to Work With Me that leads to your Work With Me page that houses your programs.

Work with me

Your Work with Me page is one of the most important pages on your website. It will house each of your programs with booking and scheduling information and show your visitors how you can best help them.

As drop downs of this page in the navigation there will be a Book Consultation page which allows your visitors to book a general 20 minute consultation with you. There will also be a FAQs dropdown for all of the general questions you get on a consistent basis.

During the design phase, I may decide to include the FAQs directly on the Work with Me page instead of it having its own dedicated page.


The Community page will house your Girl I See You Community. It will provide your visitors will all of the information about your community along with information and links to join.


The Shop page will have all of your products that you sell, both digitial and physical products.


The Podcast page will feature the information for your podcast, links to where to listen and stream. This page could also house the recordings from your podcast (if you’d like) where you can upload them once they’re recorded so your visitors can listen right from your website. I highly recommend doing this.


Your Contact page will have all of your contact information so your visitors can connect with you. It will show your information along with your social media profiles, and a contact form so your visitors can submit an email directly from the website for general questions and inquiries.


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